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  • If you don't use sugar, how do you sweeten your products?"
    We primarily use erythritol as a bulk sweetener. Occasionally we add small amounts of premium stevia, monk fruit, allulose, or kabocha (brand name Bochasweet). It really depends on the recipe and the type of texture we're trying to achieve. These natural sweeteners are safe for human consumption, are not known to cause digestive upset when consumed in normal quantities, leave no lingering aftertaste, and, unlike xylitol, are not deadly to pets. (But please do not feed your pets any human food. It's just not right.)
  • Carb counts
    The majority of our baked goods have less than 6g net carbs per serving. In fact, most of our products hover around 3g net carbs per serving. Your challenge will be to observe portion control because they taste so good! We achieve these low net carb counts by using nut flours, high fiber sweeteners such as erythritol or inulin, and natural fats like real butter and heavy cream. And no, we don't count calories. We digest food, we don't "burn" it. The lab created value of calories on food we digest is a total scam. Don't fall for it.
  • Do you have a storefront?
    We closed our cafe in High River Alberta on Dec 24/22. Now that we've moved to Ontario, you can order your favourites right here on our website for pickup in the Kaladar area, or arrange delivery to certain areas for a fee.
  • I'd like to see ingredients in your products. Is that possible?
    Specific ingredients change over time, for example, when a brand changes an added flavour from pure vanilla extract to artificial, or if a sweetener based in erythritol has stevia leaf added. That makes it difficult and time consuming to keep an accurate list of ingredients tagged to every product. Having said that, we've heard customer requests so we've added an ingredients field to the online products. Recipes themselves are proprietary and we will not share recipe specifics. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to a specific ingredient, let us know.
  • What inspires your creations?
    I grew up in a German family where all desserts had whipped cream and most had chocolate. Drawing on those traditions and the multitude of recipes found in books and on the internet have helped to offer these delicious products. Please check out All Day I Dream About Food, Maria Emmerich, Mark Sisson, The Diet Doctor, Low Carb Yum, and I Breathe I'm Hungry, all of whom have inspired me to make these delicious foods.
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