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Blueberry Muffin

Low carb, gluten-free treats that taste amazing!


about sandy


My husband Patrick and I were born and raised in Ontario and succumbed, as most have in our generation, to the trappings of instantly gratifying carbohydrates. We loved pasta, rice, bread, fruit and of course sweet treats like cakes and pies, in large quantities. All. The. Time. Our hunger never went away. It added up over time, no matter how much we punished ourselves with calorie restriction or cortisol-busting cardio. In fact, these misguided efforts made us more lethargic, heavy, and diseased. In our mid 40s, we discovered Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, followed by Paleo protocols by Dave Asprey, and ultimately, the intriguing science behind low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets. It’s been the most rewarding lifestyle for us as evidenced on the scale, how we feel, and in our blood labs which certainly aren’t subjective. Many who are keto compliant with the macro ratios of proteins/fats/carbs will create ketones from stored fat and experienced success beyond weight loss. Unfortunately, social pressure and bad habits can come surging back to sabotage the best of us when we’re feeling outcast, weak, or simply lacking in tasty options at the Thanksgiving table.

Now living in Foothills County Alberta, we’ve observed a market gap, indeed an almost dire need to provide delicious keto-compliant sweets and treats to keep you fulfilled on your journey towards improved health.

We hope you enjoy our low carb/keto, no sugar added, gluten-free delights.

You won’t believe what's missing.

low carb

primary ingredients




Eggs. Coconut. Nut butters and flours. Pure vanilla. Chocolate. Real butter. Heavy Cream. Himalayan Salt.


These are basic ingredients anyone can pronounce.

When derived from organic and pastured sources, and combined with natural sweeteners (such as erythritol and inulin), we're able to delight you with healthy, low carb, no sugar added treats baked with care and conscience.

Zero Compromise in Flavour.

We challenge you to taste the difference! 

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