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Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie

Pee-can or Puh-cahn? No matter how you pronounce it, this keto pecan pie has the classic butter tart taste, with pecans thrown in. (Fact: one slice of regular pecan pie made with cane sugar has 62g net carbs!)


8.5" pie serves 8


Per slice (1/8th)

Total Carbs 7g

Protein 8g

Fat 38g

Fiber 4g

Net Carbs: 3g

  • Ingredients (Subject to Change)

    Pie: Unsalted butter, Swerve brand brown erythritol-based sweetener, allulose, Bochasweet brand sweetener, *pure vanilla extract, salt, *eggs, *pecans. Crust: *Almond flour, Swerve brand powdered erythritol sweetener, salt, unsalted butter.

    *certified organic

    NOTE: This pecan pie contains small amounts of BochaSweet, a naturally-derived sugar alcohol from the Japanese kabocha (pumpkin), which creates a gooey consistency similar to a traditional pecan pie. It is known to cause minor gastric upset in some who are not used to eating natural sugar alcohols or who have extremely sensitive intestines, or those who eat too much of it at one time. We can also make this pie with erythritol, which does not cause gastric upset but makes the pie a bit more solid, like a fudge. Either way, the taste is fabulous. Let us know your preference. 

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