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Butterscotch Pecan Fudge Muffins

Butterscotch Pecan Fudge Muffins

Compact in size, huge in flavour. This portable pecan fudge muffin can be eaten with one hand while holding your coffee in the other. No mess. Husband rated 10/10. These freeze well! Sold in units of 12.


Per Muffin:

Total Carbs 5.6g

Protein 2g

Fat 20.5g

Fiber 3.7g

Net Carbs: 3.6g

  • Ingredients (Subject to Change)

    Unsalted butter, Swerve brand erythritol-based brown sweetener, allulose, *eggs, *pure vanilla extract, *almond flour, Himalayan salt, *pecans, caramel chips.

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