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Orange Creamsicle

Orange Creamsicle

We think this should be called Dreamsicle, because it's so heavenly! Imagine vanilla ice cream surrounded in orange sherbet. The high carb version we enjoyed as kids was the best ice cream treat ever. We've replicated that flavour in keto fashion in this no-bake, fluffy,  mousse-like bar. 


Sold as 9x9 that you can cut in to 12 or 16 servings.


Per 1/12th Bar:

Total Carbs 4.5g

Protein 4.7g

Fat 19g

Fiber 1.5g

Net Carbs 3g

  • Ingredients (Subject to Change)

    Crust: Almond flour,  erythritol, salt, butter.

    Filling: Orange juice, gelatin, erythritol, cream cheese, zest, vanilla extract, orange extract, natural food colour.

    Topping: heavy cream, erythritol, gelatin, vanilla extract.

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