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Chocolate Macadamia Fat Bombs

Chocolate Macadamia Fat Bombs

This is a high fiber and fat bomb treat! Chopped macadamias from Hawaii nestled in dark chocolate cups, with a light salt dust. That's it. Nothing to improve upon here. These are best kept in the fridge or freezer. Sold in units of 12.


*Did you know macadamias are very high in beneficial Omega 3 fats?


Per 2 Macadamia Fat Bomb cups:

Total Carbs 3.0g

Protein .5g

Fat 16g

Fiber 2.5g

Net Carbs 0.5g

  • Ingredients (Subject to Change)

    Lily's chocolate, cocoa butter, *macadamia nuts, Himalayan salt.

    *certified organic

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